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 A Bit About Us:


      Minuteman Munitions, Inc. was established with the goal of developing and providing consistent, accurate, quality ammunition you can depend on regardless of your needs or lifestyle. 

      From day one in a cramped little basement, quality was our number one priority. We looked at and evaluated hundreds of potential components from dozens of sources. We looked at the consistency of diameters, burn rates of powder, overall lengths, projectile weights and shapes, and many other factors. This research empowered us to create our ideal ammunition profile. We know what makes a superior bullet. We know what makes an inferior bullet. We can tell the difference, and so can you.

      Now, after nine years of being in business, much has changed. One constant, however, is that every round that we manufacture begins with a stringent evaluation of all components and manufacturing processes. Our quality control doesn’t stop there. From delivery of components to shipping out finished rounds, our bullets pass through no less than five quality assurance tests. 

      We prefer to use a TMJ (Total Metal Jacket) projectile whenever possible. Why? Well, simply put, our research and development consistently show that a projectile that is free of exposed lead allows for a smoother, more consistent pressure impulse and burn propagation. This attention to detail results in improved accuracy and precision as well as less smoke and a cleaner burn.

      We don’t settle for “good enough.” We have made it our mission to provide the highest quality of product every time and we back that up with the best customer service and manufacturer warranty in this industry. If you ever encounter an issue with one of our products, reach out to us and we will make it right!


Minuteman Munitions: By the people, for the people!