Training 9mm Blue Coat (115gr)


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9mm Polymer Coated Ammo Specs:

  • Remanufactured from once-fired brass
  • Quantity: 50 rounds per box 
  • Bullet: 115 grain Total Polymer Jacket (TPJ)
  • Velocity: 1100ft/s
  • Casing: Boxer-primed brass
  • Manufacturer: Minuteman Munitions - Greensboro, NC

Minuteman Munitions 9mm Total Polymer Jacket Benefits:

  • TPJ's provide the performance of lead ammo without the smoke.
  • Resulting in less felt recoil and faster followup shots.
  • TPJ's prevent barrel leading. 
  • TPJ's are more cost effective for high volume shooters.


 Keeping up with market demand we have introduced a more economical training round, Blue Bullets. The Blue Bullet projectile is a hard cast lead bullet coated in a high temperature polymer. This round is highly popular with competition shooters and firearms trainers. There are a few benefits to these projectiles which include; less barrel wear, no barrel fouling, better accuracy, and of course a less expensive price. Please note that while this round does not smoke like a lead projectile, there is some smoke associated with it. For the ultimate in no smoke please see our TMJ selections. 

Minuteman Munitions 9mm ammo is manufactured to satisfy both regular shooters and beginners alike. Our ultra-low-smoke, Total Polymer Jacket (TPJ) remanufactured 9mm ammo shoots clean and accurate to ensure consistent results time after time.

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  • Great training ammo

    Posted by Michael Siebelink on 19th Mar 2020

    Used about 4000 rounds of this ammo and it’s been flawless. Glock 19, honor defense and kimber micro 9 not one jam.

  • Clean and cheap

    Posted by Hunter B on 28th Nov 2018

    I've shot 2,000 rounds of this ammo. FIrst of all the TPJ is cool looking. The only gun I have ever had any problems out of is my Canik TP9SF. So I shot this ammo in my friends TP9SF to see if we encountered the same problem and we did, so in my opinion that's a firearm problem not an ammo problem. Out of those 2,000 rounds I have encountered only 2 ammo related failures. Both were primer related. One that was not fullly seated and the other was a failure to ignite. I tried that same round in several firearms and it would not fire. I am perfectly fine with this because of the price point of this ammo and the fact that my guns are far cleaner after 500 rounds of this ammo than 100 rounds of the Winchester white box or the tulammo I pickup at walmart. This is the only target ammo I will buy for now on and I love that it is made right here in NC!!

  • Best Ammo on the market

    Posted by Mark Lanfier on 14th Aug 2018

    The headline says it all. If you’re looking for some quality ammo at a quality price, you have found it. I 8,000 to 10,000 rounds a month & in all of my competition, practice or teaching. I use this Ammo. Give it a try, you will not regret it.

  • Just right, worth ordering again.

    Posted by Saxdm9 on 1st Aug 2018

    Minuteman sponsored our recent IDPA statewide match. I figured I’d try a box of their blue coated 115g 9mm ammo so bought 500 rounds last week. Ordered Monday, arrived Friday in good shape. Shot a match Saturday and enjoyed the blue rounds going through my Glock. Every round fed and fired flawlessly, no smoke issues, That’s everything I want from my ammo.

  • 100 rds and counting

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2018

    Was skeptical about the polymer coating, ran flawlessly.
    Only 100 rounds through two different firearms but, without a hiccup.
    The 115 seems to feel closer to 124, this is a good thing.

  • 9mm 115 blue coat

    Posted by Tim on 18th Jun 2018

    Worked great in a CZ75 with an 11.5 pound hammer spring in a steel shoot recently. No problems at all.

  • 1st time purchase

    Posted by Rich Record on 13th Jun 2018

    Bought the ammo for the 1st time and shot it at our weekly steel target league. My Glock 34 processed it fine.noticed slight decrease in muzzle rise. And did its job knocking steel targets over at 30'. Shared some rounds with a couple guys and they were impressed. CZ shadow cycled the rounds nicely

  • Best bang for the buck!

    Posted by Pat Ritzel on 11th Jun 2018

    I recently switched Divisions in USPSA to PCC because lack of trigger time degraded my pistol skills a lot faster than my rifle. PCC this year is easily making up for this and I needed quality, consistent, and affected ammo. Those are three qualities rarely seen in one statement about ammo. Out of my PWS PCC9 16”, I’m averaging 1184 FPS, Power Factor 136 during a hot and humid TN day at a match. I’ve had multiple conversations with Spiro at Minuteman Munitions and he’s professional, honest, and stands behind his products 100%!

  • 9mm 115 got blue coats

    Posted by Tim on 9th Jun 2018

    They work great in my CZ 75

  • Good, but not for CZ

    Posted by Joe on 12th Feb 2018

    Shot a box of 50 in 9mm. Found out they will not chamber in my CZ Target sport, which is a bummer. COAL is too long for the CZ chamber design. Work fine with my 1911 9mm.

  • Nothing but love for these blue bullets

    Posted by Cody Bean on 12th Feb 2018

    I’ve shot a couple hundred of them at a competition the other night and I’m pleased to say I didn’t have one problem and it seems to me they generate a little less recoil with helped me a lot with follow up shots. I’ll definitly be buying these again

  • Bought 1,000, then another 1,000, then... well you get the idea.

    Posted by Thomas Bailey on 1st Feb 2018

    Never shot TPJ before this ammo. I usually you have to choose two of the three options: price, quality and accuracy. Here you get all three.

  • Best ammo on the market

    Posted by Marcus Lanfier on 22nd Jan 2018

    Upon further review. I’ve shot another 500 rounds today & no problem what so ever. Very consistent ammo, I’m a competitive shooter & shoot anywhere from 300 to 600 rounds a day. I look for consistency & quality ammo. I have found that with this ammo. I also liked the packaging & quick response time on my order. I would recommend to a fried.

  • Competitive shooter .

    Posted by Marcus Lanfier on 20th Jan 2018

    I shoot a little over 100,000 rounds a year. I have just been introduced to this great product. In the Uspsa I shoot open class & I am a 7 time state champion. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina (Open & Production #1) & Area 6. So I take my shooting very seriously & my bullets performance makes all the difference in a competition.

    This has been the best ammo I’ve shot with for reliability & consistency. I would recommend to a friend. Great company & superior product.

  • Works

    Posted by Hunter B on 16th Jan 2018

    I have purchased exactly 2,000 rounds of this ammo. Out of those 2,000 rounds I've had 2 primers fail to ignite BUT at a price point like this and bring remanufactured I would not complain at all. I have even used this ammo in a match with great success. Hard to beat ammo made right at home in NC.

  • 1000 plus rounds and happy

    Posted by Don Claggett on 12th Jan 2018

    Purchased 3000 rounds of this ammo. Since my purchase in November I've shot about 1000 rounds of this ammo in 2 different Walthers, Glocks and my carbine. Have had no issues and ammo feeds great and no primer issues. I will be purchasing more of this ammo as it delivers in every way. Thanks
    Minuteman Munitions for making such a great round that shots great and is affordable for "us" bulk shooters.

  • Will Buy Again

    Posted by Dan in Nebraska on 5th Dec 2017

    Used about 350 to 400 rounds this weekend practicing for, then shooting a local USPSA match.......My M&P CORE 9 MM went through them with no FTE or FTF's.......Recoil seemed a little less than factory loads....When you find something your gun likes it's a good day at the range.

  • Not bad at all, but could be better.

    Posted by CW on 21st Nov 2017

    Overall for the price, it’s a descent round. It ran reasonably clean and accurate. The only issue was the occasional non fire. Reset the trigger and it usually went bang the second, or third time. But when practicing for a match, that works as a malfunction that you’ll have to work through. I wouldn’t use it in a real match, but for a cheaper practice ammo, its pretty good.

  • No doubts

    Posted by Stephen Short on 21st Nov 2017

    I've not had a chance to put any of these rounds down range yet, but I have no doubt they will be every bit as good as the MM 115gr TMJ Ive been using. I have every confidence in Minuteman Munitions ammo, and they will continue to be my go-to range ammo for the foreseeable future. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Not too bad for Blue.

    Posted by Doug Chapman on 29th Oct 2017

    I recently purchased a 1000 rounds primarily for plinking in my yard and local IDPA matches.

    I noticed in my 3.3 XDS, the rounds seem long. While there was no issue shooting, if I were to attempt to manually clear the camber with a hot round, it would take more effort to pull the slide back. Once the extractor let go of the bullet completely. I have about 2000 round through the firearm shooting different ammo (including MM TMJ 115g), this is the first time I have had this issue. I have I tried to replicate it with a Glock 43, Beretta PX4 Storm subcompact, and a Springfield XDM full size. None of those firearms replicated the issue. I also tried to replicate the issue with other ammo in my XDS and could not.

    The only other concern I have is the round struggles to achieve the advertised 1100 ft/s velocity. 20 rounds shot through my XDS failed to meet velocity. Understanding the short barrel causes drops in velocity, I shot another 20 through my XDM. Only 2 rounds hit 1100 or better, most were in the 1080 range. MM 9mm TMJ 115 rounds have always made advertised velocity.

    With all this being said, I will be buying more! I have fired close to 400 rounds through a number of weapons, not a single failure of any kind. Price point, shipping and overall performance makes it a great buy. Only caution is if you need ammo that must meet power factor, I would suggest their TMJ round instead.

All ammunition warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. In order to initiate a claim, please contact our Customer Service Department at with your ammunition lot number and the details of your issue including the firearm make and model. All Minuteman Munitions ammunition is warranted against material and workmanship defects for up to one (1) year from the purchase date. During the warranty period, we will (at our sole option) repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any defective part or product covered by this warranty when it is returned by the original owner with proof of purchase. All ammunition warranty claims must have a Return Authorization (RA) number assigned before acceptance at our facility for further examination. Please DO NOT send ammunition without obtaining a RA number from our Customer Service Department. NOTE: This warranty does not cover products damaged or rendered defective due to accident, misuse, abuse, modification, water damage, neglect, reloading, improper handling or storage, or failure to follow instructions for use. To return a product, send with transportation prepaid, to: Minuteman Munitions, Inc 7610-B Canoe Rd Greensboro, NC 27409 Prices and/or specifications are subject to change without notice. Warranty only valid to original purchaser if purchased through website or authorized dealer.
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