Training Ammo

     At Minuteman Munitions we offer a wide variety of products, depending on your personal preference. We do this to allow as many options as we can without sacrificing the quality and performance that we built our company around. Our Training ammo is different than what other manufactures would call "range ammo." We strive to bring you reliable, clean, and accurate ammo to keep you shooting without straining your wallet. We believe that the best preparation comes from practice, so whether you're arming up for competition, self defense, or professional duties, we're here to help!

     No matter what product class you purchase from us, we inspect every component before it ever becomes part of our handcrafted ammunition. A fact that separates us from other companies is that we do not downgrade the quality of our powder or primers to bring you an inferior product. The completely remanufactured ammo that we offer uses the same high-quality, double-base spherical powder as we do in our Factory New ammo. 

     Our Training ammo uses TMJ (Total Metal Jacket) or a Blue Bullet, which is a hard cast lead projectile completely covered in a high-temperature polymer coating. This projectile has a few added benefits that you would not get from a standard FMJ projectile. The polymer coated projectile helps extend the life of your barrel, by reducing the friction from metal to metal contact. Just like our TMJ projectiles, our polymer coated projectiles are completely covered, preventing lead exposure and fouling. This projectile is perfect for high volume shooters. 

     Our casings are guaranteed once-fired, collected from law enforcement training facilities. Each case is then cleaned, roll sized, and inspected for use in our ammunition. With all of these components combined, we ensure our ammunition will cycle both reliably and cleanly through most standard factory firearms, keeping your gun running and saving you time cleaning.

     We recognize that producing excellent ammunition requires both quality components and careful attention to detail. Countless hours have gone into experimenting and testing before we ever go to market with a load.  Lastly, each round is case gauged to ensure proper feeding in your firearm. We demand quality so you can have peace of mind.


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