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Fusion Ammo

Fusion Ammo

     Minuteman Munitions offers a combination of options and we refer to it as our Fusion line of ammo. The whole idea behind this line of ammo is offering multiple options based on what components you prefer. Fusion ammo is a blend of remanufactured and factory new brass, which allows you to get the exact products you enjoy most. 

     No matter what product class you purchase from us, we inspect every component before it ever becomes part of our handcrafted ammunition. A fact that separates us from other companies is that we do not downgrade the quality of our powder or primers to bring you an inferior product. We believe that by giving you the options to mix and match the different types of casings and projectiles, you can semi-tailor your rounds to match your intended purpose, without sacrificing quality. This class also allows for a more cost-effective product that you can use to determine what type of ammo suits you and your firearm the most.

Option 1:                                                                               Option 2:

Total Metal Jacket Projectile                                           Polymer Projectile

Remanufactured Once-Fired Brass                               Factory New Brass Casing

     With the first option you are able to have the cleanest round possible due to no exposed lead. For some people, having a TMJ projectile is a must, and this is a way that you can have that personal preference at a cost that won't break the bank.

     The second option includes a round manufactured using factory new casings. This feature adds consistency to the structural integrity of the overall round itself, as well as having improved feeding. This allows you to have the assurance of factory new brass, while shooting a projectile that will help preserve the life of your barrel, while still being reasonably priced. 

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